Alberobello: Ultimate Travel guide to UNESCO World Heritage Site


Alberobello is probably the most popular town in Puglia, famous for its unusual houses called Trulli. Drywall whitewashed constructions with conical roofs remind of magical houses from a fairytale. Indeed, in Alberobello, you can feel that all your dreams of a perfect Italian vacation come true.

In this guide, I will quickly lead you through the history of this place, so you know what made it such a unique place. Then I’ll tell you about everything you should know to plan a perfect trip to this wonderful city. In my case, I visited Alberobello a couple of times, and during my road trip to Puglia, Alberobello was still a must-visit destination. If you’re going to Puglia, you should add Alberobello to your plan as well.


In 1996 UNESCO declared Alberobello a World Heritage site due to the highest concentration of Trulli in Puglia. Trullo (Trullo is a singular form in Italian, and Trulli is plural) is a drywall construction with a pyramidal, domed or conical roof.

Dating back to the 16th century, there was a feudal family, Aquaviva, ruling the region. To avoid paying taxes to the King, the Aquaviva family did not allow the peasants to build brick and mortar houses. Instead, all the houses in Puglia were drywall constructions that could be easily dismantled should tax inspectors appear on the horizon.

By the 18th century, the discontent of people was growing. Poore peasants who once in a while had to take their homes down were obviously not happy with the situation. In 1797, when some citizens applied to the King, he granted freedom to the city and released people from bondage. From now on, they started to build their houses with mortar.

Today, almost all the population lives in the modern part of the city. In the old Trulli, you will find souvenir shops, museums, and B&B for tourists. It’s definitely a popular destination for all the tourists in Puglia so that it can be overcrowded during the day. If you really want to enjoy the atmosphere of the town, come in the early morning.

How to get to Alberobello

By car

The easiest way to get to Alberobello is by car. State Highways with the code SS (Strada Statale), with a max speed limit of 110 km/h (68 mph), connect many towns in Puglia. Those highways are not tolled, and you’ll for sure enjoy the views of Puglia on your way.

There are many big parking areas, so you should experience no difficulties parking your car, especially coming early in the morning. The most popular parking area is on Largo Martelotta, right in front of the entrance to Rione dei Monti – the historic city center with the highest concentration of Trulli.

By train

There is a small train station in Alberobello operated by Ferrovie del Sud-Est, a train company run by Trenitalia. Alberobello doesn’t have a good train connection with other popular towns of Puglia, so if you don’t rent a car in Puglia, the best way to get to Alberobello is by bus.

By bus

If you travel around the region and want to explore the small towns of Puglia like Martina Franca, Ostuni, Monopoli, and Polignano a Mare, you can take a bus. There is also a direct bus from Bari.

Surprisingly, you can use not only but also, where you can check the connection and buy the tickets online. The bus stop of Ferrovie del Sud Est, the local train and bus operator, is near the Alberobello train station on Viale Bari, 9/25. See the map below for all the locations mentioned in this article. Don’t forget about Flixbus that offers a direct connection to Rome.

What to do and see

The best way to explore Alberobello is to reach Rione dei Monti and get lost in its winding streets. If you come in the morning, you will see how the most touristy area of the town slowly wakes up and gets ready for the new day. As soon as the small shops open, come inside and talk to the locals.

When it gets too crowded, go to Rione Aia Piccola and enjoy a more authentic part of the city. Don’t forget to take breaks for gelato or traditional panino.

Belvedere Santa Lucia

From Belvedere Santa Lucia, there is a stunning view of the whole Rione dei Monti. Don’t miss a chance to take a memorable photo of a panoramic view with cone-roofed Trulli.

Rione dei Monti

Rione dei Monti is a district of Alberobello that almost fully consists of famous Trulli houses. It’s the most popular area among tourists, and it has lots of souvenir shops, restaurants, and little cozy streets between the small whitewashed houses. Come as early as possible before it gets too crowded.

Trullo Sovrano

Trullo Sovrano is the only two-story Trullo in Alberobello. Today, there is a museum inside where you can explore how peasants lived in the past. Some parts of the building remain unchanged from the early 17th century. Others were rebuilt during the 18th century, already with the use of mortar.

Trullo Sovrano in Alberobello Puglia

It’s a quiet big Trullo house that consists of the main hall, a bedroom, a dining room, two kitchens, and the first floor that was used as a bedroom for guests or a room for weaving.

Interior of Trullo Sovrano: master kitchen

The museum is open every day from 10:00 to 7:00 pm with a lunch break from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. The entrance fee is just 2 euro for adults and 1,5 euro for children under 12 years of age. For more info, visit

Sant’Antonio Church

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio is the only Trullo church in the world. It was built in 1927 as a symbol of fighting against heresies, as at that time Protestantism was spreading fastly.

It’s relatively small, with no vestibule, so entering the church, you immediately find yourself in the main hall. What mostly catches the eye is a beautiful fresco above the altar.

La bottega dei fischietti

In Puglia, there is one original tradition that is linked to making terracotta whistles. In medieval times, a young man giving a terracotta whistle to a young woman was a sign of his intention of courting her. But also during the carnival period, whistles represented joy, freedom, and happiness.

Today, you can find whistles of any form and color. Their motifs are linked to tradition and everyday life. The most famous shop of terracotta whistles is located in Alberobello, not far from Sant’Antonio Church. The owner is an old lady who will explain everything about the whistles, the Trulli, and life in Alberobello. We were so lucky that day, as she not only let us explore her Trullo shop but also allowed us to climb the roof.

Be polite and genuinely curious, and the locals will open to you all the secrets of Alberobello.

Casa d’Amore

Francesco d’Amore built his house right after the 1797 King’s decree, and it was the first building in Alberobello made with the use of mortar. It’s a sign of the end of the Aquaviva family ruling the region, and it stands right in front of the Count’s palace.

Casa d’Amore in Alberobello

Rione Aia Piccola

Rione Aia Piccola is another area of Trulli in Alberobello located on the eastern side of Via Indipendenza. There is a lower concentration of Trulli, but it’s also a less touristy part of the city to enjoy a more authentic atmosphere.

Where to eat

La Pagnottella Panini Lovers offers the best traditional sandwich in town, Il Pasqualino. Your experience of Alberobello won’t be complete without trying this famous panino.

Gelateria Arte Fredda is the most famous and the best gelato in town. Even waiting a bit in a line is worth it.

Antica Salumeria del Corso is an old cured meat shop with a degustation room where you can try the meat and cheese specialties of Puglia together with a glass of local wine. It’s a great option for aperitivo.

Paco Wines Eno-Winery is a perfect place for wine degustations with some snacks, plates of ham and cheese. Located in Rione dei Monti, this place has a unique atmosphere.

Trattoria Amatulli is a home for traditional Italian and Apulian food. True tastes and an authentic atmosphere will make your experience of Alberobello unforgettable.

Favola in Tavola is a restaurant for fine dining with delicious food and wine. Local chef offers a mix of traditional Italian cuisine and new cooking techniques.

Where to stay

Your experience of Alberobello won’t be complete without a stay in a Trullo house at least for one night. Alberobello offers lots of B&B, guest houses, and apartments for any budget.


Trulli Holiday Albergo Diffuso has several Trulli around the center of Alberobello. Each Trullo is unique and well equipped. The staff is helpful and friendly.

Tipico Resort also owns different Trulli across the city center, so anyone from a solo traveler to a big family of 6 will find a perfect Trullo for them.

Terrazza Sui Trulli is a nice B&B with a garden and a terrace. It has a perfect location right in Rione dei Monti.

Astra is a great accommodation for curious travelers who love to explore the lives of locals, enjoy homemade breakfasts in the garden, and stay in the very heart of the city.


Le Alcove-Luxury Hotel nei Trulli 5* is one of few excellent hotels in Alberobello. If you don’t like staying in apartments or B&B, this hotel is a great option.

Hotel Silva 3* is a new hotel located in the modern part of Alberobello just behind the Trullo Sovrano. There is also an on-site bar and a restaurant in this hotel.


Podere Papilio was my personal choice for the first trip to Alberobello, and I absolutely loved it here. Clean and cozy rooms, delicious homemade breakfasts, a personal terrace, and a cat Antonio made my stay amazing. Really recommend this place if you don’t mind that there is no swimming pool.

Masseria Pentima Vetrana Resort is a traditional Apulian-style farm stay that is less than 10 min drive from the heart of Alberobello. Here, they produce their own wine and olive oil, has a nice swimming pool and a garden to relax.

Masseria Torricella is a typical Masseria of Puglia that has its own vineyards and olive groves. During the summer heat, you can relax by the pool, and for winter travels chose a suite with a hot tub that will make your stay here even more pleasant.

Beaches near Alberobello

South from Monopoli, there there are many sandy and rocky bays with lidos or free beaches. Most of them have private parking areas. From Monopoli, follow Via Procaccia and then Contrada Santo Stefano. There will be all kinds of beaches on your left.

One of them is Porto Marzano Beach, which is totally free, and the parking is just 3 euro. Here you can choose between sand and rocks. Further south from Monopoli, there is St. Stephen Castle with Spiaggia di Porto Ghiacciolo on one side and Lido Santo Stefano from another side.

Calette di Torre Cintola is a unique beach not because of its crystal clear waters, but because right in the water there are ruins of a 16th-century watchtower. Maybe it’s not the most comfortable beach, as it is quite small and rocky, but the view is worth it.

Starting from Calette del Capitolo and further south, there is a long sandy beach with lots of lidos, beach clubs, and free areas. Go along Contrada Capitolo, and choose any of them.

However, if you travel without a car, you can take a bus from Alberobello and go to Monopoli or Polignano a Mare that both have beaches right in the city center.

Places to visit near Alberobello

Apart from famous destinations like Polignano a Mare, Ostuni, and Locorotondo, there are more lesser-known places near Alberobello that you should visit on your trip to Puglia.

Martina Franca

Martina Franca is a lovely medieval town that is just 20 min drive from Alberobello. The town is famous for its views of Itria Valley, Baroque-style Basilica of St. Martin, and cozy Old Town. So, if you have extra time on your journey, this is a great option for a day trip.

Grotte di Castellana

The Castella Caves began to form about 90 million years ago, and today you can discover beautiful stalagmites and stalactites of unbelievable shapes. Your ticket includes a guided tour that lasts about an hour and a half. The tour guide will lead you through the caves and corridors where the temperature is always 16-18C (60-64F). So don’t forget to take some warmer clothes.

A complete guided tour that includes a famous White Cave costs 18 euro and 15 euro for children from 6 to 14 years old. For more info visit


Zoosafari is the second largest wildlife park in Europe that preserves around 200 different species of wild animals from all over the world. This is basically a drive-through system, where animals just walk around your car, and you can feed them with the carrots you are given at the entrance.

The park is located near the town of Fasano, just 20 min drive from Alberobello. From April to September the park is open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For more info visit

Map of Alberobello

As always here I post a map of Alberobello with all the locations mentioned in this article. I hope it will make the process of planning your trip easier.

If you have any questions regarding traveling to Alberobello, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below.

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